Blissful Wellness is PLEASED to announce that it will become the first weight loss company in the Jacksonville area to offer genetic based weight loss counseling.   This cutting edge technology is only available to physician based weight loss.  All the others promise “personalized weight loss” using machines and low calories diets to tailor therapy — but a survey of the medical news clearly shows that this is NOT proven despite what they say.
But forget about machines guessing what is going on — NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME genetic testing will actually allow our team to create a TRULY PERSONAL AND CUSTOM PLAN to ease the weight loss process.  By unlocking the keys to your personal genetics, we can know for absolutely certainty the best way to proceed.  We can create custom based diets and plans that will allow the weight to melt off in the safest and most efficient way possible.
The science behind this is easy so let me share with you why this is the difference everyone promises but no one delivers.   Each one of us has our own very specific genetic make-up.  Our genes control our metabolism and all other functions of our physiology.   What is amazing is that only the few of us who have identical twins share the exact same genetic makeup.  Otherwise we are as different as snowflakes — no two are exactly alike!  Just watch TV and you can purchase home genetic tests to tell you everything about your ancestry and even your preferences.   Because of the human genome project we can unlock many of our very own individual mysteries.
Because each one of its totally unique at the genetic level — not one diet fits all, just like not all clothes fit every body.   In fact, the best clothes are the custom made ones.   Well, its exactly the same in weight loss.   Nutrimost and Nurtisystems, and all those other programs that use supposed machines and send you food are literally once size fits all.  Now we are able to unlock the power of your individual genetic to deliver your personalized weight loss and maintenance program.  And because it is uniquely you, it is the easiest way to achieve your goals.
The best part?  While the other guys want to use their patented technology that costs over $1500, we offer our genetic program for only $99.00* plus the diet program you pick out.  Individualized, and LESS EXPENSIVE, this is the real weight loss revolution you have been waiting for!
At Blissful Wellness we are proud to be the ONLY MEDICALLY DIRECTED weight loss center in Jacksonville.  Lead By Dr. Elyssa Blissenbach and her team, we have the only board certified physician in obesity medicine in the Jacksonville area.  If you are tried the rest, come now and try the best for a life long of weight loss success and achievement.
At Blissful wellness, BE WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE.
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