Platinum Diet Plan

Our most exclusive plan. Transform your life to be who you were meant to be.

If you are ready for the best plan in the industry, it is time to step up to the Blissful Wellness Platinum Plan.  Combining the scientifically proven methodology of all Blissful Wellness products, this 8 week package includes concierge-level customer support as well as significantly upgraded amounts and varieties of supplements.  Dr. Blissenbach has meticulously designed this diet plan to be the single best plan in the business.  Now that this plan can be combined with our genetic testing, this truly becomes a plan tailored to your unique needs.


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary due to genetic or environmental factors.

  • What's Included:

  • The PLATINUM DIET includes all elements of the Ultimate Success PLUS THE FOLLOWING:

    • 8 weeks Cellulite Blaster Vitamin Injections (During Active Diet)
    • 1 bottle Omega 3 Thermogenesis
    • 1 bottle KLB-5 natural appetite suppressant
    • 1 bottle Nature’s Trim Away for body reshaping and sculpting
    • 3 month maintenance with weekly cellulite blaster injections
    • Concierge pre-order service for products
    • VIP priority appointments
    • 10% of all products (cannot be combined with other sales, excludes diets and injections)
    • Image Skin Care Trial and travel Kit