Success Stories

Lost 100 Pounds

Ashley’s incredible transformation at Blissful Wellness resulted in an amazing 100-pound weight loss, highlighting her commitment and our clinic’s transformative support.


Lost 70 Pounds

Laura’s remarkable journey at Blissful Wellness led to a 70-pound weight loss, showcasing both her dedication and our clinic’s effective support.


Lost 55 Pounds

Dropping the weight and looking great – more inspiring Mounjaro success! Hard to argue with these results!


Lost 70 Pounds

Not only did Lori get skinny, she is off all diabetic medications except for Mounjaro! Wonderful transformation!

Lost 70 Pounds

Ms Saladino lost 70 pounds in this incredible Mounjaro transformation, sticking to the plan works wonders!


Lost 127 Pounds

Tiffany looks amazing after just one year of the Blissful Wellness Mounjaro program! Congratulations!

Lost 86 Pounds

Cori lost an incredible 86 pounds with Mounjaro and Dr. Blissenbach’s Keto diet program. Her transformation is remarkable!


Lost 170 Pounds

Bill looks amazing because of his dedication to the Blissful Wellness Mounjaro program, shedding 170lbs already. Fantastic job, Bill!

Lost 60 Pounds

Linda looks like a new woman! The weight is gone. Mounjaro has her feeling younger and better than ever!

Lost 60 Pounds

Alex is looking toned and fit with the remarkable combination of the BW diet and Mounjaro regimen!

Lost 80 Pounds

Diane dropped an incredible 80 lbs. Mounjaro made her look younger, fitter, and happier than ever!

Lost 45 Pounds

Cookie said goodbye to 45 pounds and looks amazing thanks to Mounjaro and dedication.

Lost 28 Pounds

Carol joined Blissful Wellness recently and lost 28 lbs with Mounjaro already! Looking and feeling her best as well.

Lost 60 Pounds

Joy’s inspiring journey with Mounjaro led her to shed an impressive 60 pounds, celebrating newfound health.

Chrisy’s Success

Along with her husband, Chris, Chrisy shed the weight that kept her from feeling and looking her best. Super impressive results Chrisy!

Chris’s Success

Chris proves there’s nothing better than treating your body well and prioritizing your health. You and Chrisy are an inspiration!

overweight photo

Paul’s Success

Paul lost 100 pounds, showing why a healthy weight is the best investments you can make. He’s a new man!

Julie’s Success

Julie beams with new energy, stamina and vitality. We’re so proud of you Julie!

Lost 84 Pounds

Ruth’s stunning transformation proves commitment to weight loss never goes out of style. Amazing transformation!


Lost 45 Pounds

Pamela looks stunning after dropping 45 pounds with the Blissful Wellness weight loss program! Congratulations!

Linda’s Success

Linda’s dedication led to a fitter, more toned, and younger-looking appearance. We applaud her hard work and commitment!

Lost 87 Pounds

Started at 240+lbs with bone density issues. I lost 87 lbs. Now I’m healthier, fitter, and happier!

Lost 50 Pounds

Mindy feels fab after shedding 50 pounds. You can see the joy written on her face. Nicely done, Mindy!

Sandy’s Success

Sandy shed unwanted weight and dropped dress sizes by sticking with the Blissful Wellness plan.

Lost 94 Pounds

Tried losing weight 4 times…joined Blissful Wellness, lost 94 lbs in 7 months! Changed my life, feel better, sleep better, love life.

Lost 72 Pounds

What an inspiring example of what a weight loss journey looks like! Katherine’s investment in her health really paid off.

Lost 220 Pounds

I feel so great now…Thank you Dr. B and everyone at Blissful Wellness for giving me my life back.

Verda’s Success

Smiles all around for Verda – a new look for the holidays thanks to dedication and Mounjaro! Wonderful job!

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