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Testimonial Picture of DeAngelo Wilson (1)
Testimonial Picture of DeAngelo Wilson (2)
“Thanks always to God first… but Blissful Wellness saved my life!”

When I first walked into Blissful Wellness Medical Weight Loss Center, my health was on a decline… I was having pain in both of my feet and I was always sleepy… My boss told me about them and I said “What the heck – I’ve tried everything under the sun!” At first, the weight loss was slow but then something happened – I lost 10 lbs, then before I knew it, I had lost 50 lbs. That’s when things changed! I started to ride my bike for 16 miles 4 days a week and doing pushups and sit ups. My energy was so high and I was high on life! Everyone wanted to know what I was doing and how I was doing it! When I was feeling down, the support I got from Blissful Wellness was just what I needed to go on. When I had lost 89 lbs, I began to feel like I did in high school. That’s when I knew there was no turning back! My Dr. didn’t even know what to say… He uses me as a model for weight loss and he tells me to keep it up! I feel so great now and I do not want to go back to the fat me again! Thanks always to God first… but Blissful Wellness saved my life! Now every day that I wake up I’m loving life! Thank you Dr. B and everyone at Blissful Wellness for giving me my life back. Now I’m a new man and I like the new guy!

DeAngelo Wilson
Testimonial Picture of Shirley Graham (1)
Testimonial Picture of Shirley Graham (2)
“Now, 8 months later and 60 pounds lighter, I feel very good about my future and KNOW I will continue to lose until I reach my desired weight. ”

I sat in Dr. B’s office in June of 2011 with bone density issues being discussed after a test concluded there was a problem that soon could become a REAL problem. Having already had a knee replacement and knowing other issues were on the horizon; her diet plan was once again mentioned. I sat there weighing well over 240 lbs on a body frame of 5 feet 3 inches listening to her bring up to me, one more time, Blissful Wellness. My heart told me it was time to do something about the weight. Her program sounded like it would work for me and I was ready to give it a try. Now, 8 months later and 60 pounds lighter, I feel very good about my future and KNOW I will continue to lose until I reach my desired weight. The plan is amazingly easy and you feel like a real person living a normal life because you are eating real food. I have begun to exercise and am really enjoying doing my routine. I visit the doctor’s office every two weeks and my health is checked very closely. All of my vital signs have gotten better since losing the weight. The staff is helpful if there are issues and solutions are recommended. I feel better about myself and my life and my attitude has changed for the better. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM TO ANYONE THAT IS INTERESTED IN LIVING A BETTER AND LONGER LIFE AND FEELING BETTER AT THE SAME TIME.

Shirley Graham
Testimonial Picture of Jerry Valente (1)
Testimonial Picture of Jerry Valente (2)
“I've lost over 98 pounds safely... This program changed my life!”

This program changed my life. I’ve lost over 98 pounds safely… As I got older, I had become more sedentary! Like most people, I exercised less and ate more. And because of a busy work schedule, fast foods were a convenient option. Once I started with Blissful Wellness I saw an almost immediate drop in weight. …the continued weight loss over the next several months was astonishing! I now have more energy than I ever had. I bought an entirely new wardrobe. Nothing fit anymore! Alterations weren’t enough to keep up with my shrinking waist line. Now, I’m healthier than I have ever been. I exercise more. I just joined a running group. My borderline hypertension vanished. My triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, although not dangerously high before I started the program, plummeted!!! I have had people who hadn’t seen me for six months not recognize me. Recently I’ve been asked by the courts to have my ID redone since JSO personnel cannot easily recognize me from my picture ID (the picture on my card is me before I started with Blissful. Jerry Valente, Ph.D. JD

Jerry Valente
Testimonial Picture of Joan Mahan (1)
Testimonial Picture of Joan Mahan (2)
“Blissful Wellness has changed my life drastically!”
I have tried losing weight about 4 times so far but it all failed, I always feel jittery or tired with no results. I tried LA Weight Loss before and lost 30 pounds but it came right back. No support groups, no meetings no doctors visit nothing. I think these things are vitally important for weight loss. I also tried the Slim Fast diet plan and the results I got were jitters. I was watching TV one day and I saw the commercial about Blissful Wellness and I kept saying to myself this sounds right, so I called and made an appointment for the consultation, they did all that was required of them to do, I was worried that I would not lose weight because I was not burning any calories on the resting phase, but to no avail I signed up the very first week I lost 9 pounds. I couldn’t believe it. When I stood up I actually felt lighter my husband was amazed at how much I lost and he went to every appointment and every weekly visit with me. Blissful Wellness has changed my life drastically, people from places that know me would say, “We have seen weight loss on TV but they see me lose weight every day as if I was melting” but this was good thing, my co-workers all wanted to go on diets. I have sent about 16 people to Blissful Wellness and they too are losing weight. They call me a walking example for weight loss. I thank the doctors, (Elyssa Blissenbach, M.D.) at Blissful Wellness for the weight loss program and I wall always stay on the maintenance program. I feel better, I sleep better and I love life. I love the way I look. I mean I lost 94 lbs in 7 months by the end of December I was at the weighing in at 152 lbs. I still have 15 lbs more to lose, but I can and I will. People say to me that I am their motivation. Now I have to change my work badge because everyone says that is not me on my badge. I am so happy. Thank you, Dr. Elyssa Blissenbach, M.D. for designing such an awesome program for weight loss. My co-worker and friends watch what I eat daily and try to do the same. I’m happy. I have referred friends and family to the program and always will, they see results with me and I can do it , they can too. Some of the people I sent to the program, call and text me to keep me informed of their weight loss. They are happy and I am for them too.
Joan Mahan
Testimonial Picture of Chrisy (1)
Testimonial Picture of Chrisy (2)

Along with her husband, Chris, Chrisy shed the weight that had, for so long, kept her from feeling and looking her best. Now even more radiant and full of energy, she is a model for what is possible when you decide to move in the direction of your dreams and goals.

Testimonial Picture of Chris (1)
Testimonial Picture of Chris (2)

Looking and feeling like a million bucks, Chris and his wife Chrisy, determined that they were going to drop the weight together. By sticking to the Blissful Wellness weight loss plan, holding themselves (and one another) accountable, this dynamic duo has made an undeniably positive step in the right direction. Nothing feels better than knowing you’re treating your body well and prioritizing your health.

Testimonial Picture of Paul (1)
Testimonial Picture of Paul (2)

What can we say? A picture is worth more than 1,000 words. There is no denying that Paul’s commitment to a lifestyle change for the sake of his health and family, paid off big dividends! Who can put a price on health or place a value on looking this good and feeling great all day, every day? Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best investments you can make, and Paul is living proof of that.

Testimonial Picture of Julie (1)
Testimonial Picture of Julie (2)

Julie is living proof that, unlike fad diets, this is the one weight loss program that actually works! Blissful Wellness believes that patients like Julie aren’t just concerned with losing weight, but also want to change their life in a positive way. She beams with new energy, stamina and vitality that carries over into the rest of her life as well. Fantastic job, Julie!

Testimonial Picture of Linda (1)
Testimonial Picture of Linda (2)

Linda’s dedication led to a fitter, more toned, and younger-looking appearance. We applaud her hard work and commitment to the Blissful Wellness way of life, and feel so happy for her as we partnered with her in her worthy pursuit of new health goals.

Testimonial Picture of Sandy (1)
Testimonial Picture of Sandy (2)

Sandy’s transformation is truly an inspiration. She shows just how easy it is to shed unwanted weight and drop dress sizes by sticking with the Blissful Wellness plan.



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