Ultimate Success

Our most successful 8 week plan for reaching the goal of being who you are meant to be, the ultimate diet is the ONLY program in the weight loss industry that provides full support of all aspects of wellness. Unlike our competition that promises weight loss quickly in just a few weeks, the ultimate success diet teaches our patients and clients how to live blissful, and all who try this program comment on the ease with which the lifestyle can be adapted. Medically supervised and meticulously managed with weekly follow up and adjustments, our ultimate success diet is tailored to your unique metabolic needs by combining leading edge technology and compassionate support to help you achieve your goal.


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary due to genetic or environmental factors.

  • Whats Included:

    • 1 hour initial consultation 
    • History and physical by licensed practitioner 
    • EKG 
    • RMR (2)
    • 8 weeks of follow up 
    • Full labs 
    • 8 cell blasters 
    • 1 Bottle of Omega 3 Fish Oil
    • 1 Bottle Elite Multivitamins
    • Weekly support groups
    • Custom menus can be created