Medical Weight Loss Programs

Interested in Tirzepatide or Semaglutide weight loss injections? These two medications are available with any of our weight loss programs. Contact us at the bottom of this page for an appointment to see if you qualify.

AOD 90 Day Program

Also known as Advanced Obesity Drug (AOD), this service could almost be considered a weight loss miracle for those wanting to become leaner. It is a peptide and a fragment of human growth hormone (HGH) that has the natural ability to stimulate the pituitary gland and regulate fat metabolism which helps burn fat and calories. Recent clinical research studies have shown a reduction of body fat in the mid-abdominal area in both obese, over-weight, and average built people. Only available from a board-licensed physician. Also includes Omega Multivitamins and protein supplements. More Details

Deluxe Transformation AOD Program

In response to our popular AOD (Advanced Obesity Drug) treatment, this 90 day program is for patients who want not only all the benefits and treatments in our AOD service, but also the extra ‘kick’ from low-dose naltrexone treatment and two protein supplements — Total Detox, Nature’s KLB-5, and 12 cell blaster multivitamins. More Details

Deluxe Transformation Semaglutide Program

If you’re looking for an amazing transformation, and an easy approach to weight loss, our Deluxe Transformation Semaglutide Program is what you need. There’s a reason why you’re hearing so much about Semaglutide (the active ingredient in Ozempic) in the news, and we’ve got it at Blissful Wellness! Change your life one pound at a time. More Details

Deluxe Transformation Tirzepatide Program

This is quickly becoming one of our most popular medical weight loss programs due to the effectiveness of Tirzepatide, (the active ingredient in Mounjaro) in helping patients shed weight rapidly. If you’re serious about weight loss, this is a great option. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment to see if you’re a good candidate. Spots are limited. More Details

Weight Loss Across the Miles

With our special long distance program we are able to give everyone the opportunity to lose weight with our Medical Weight Loss Program from anywhere! The average weight loss on our personalized 4 week long program is between 2-5 pounds per week. More Details

Ultimate Success

Our most successful diet for reaching the goal of being who you are meant to be, the ultimate diet is the ONLY program in the weight loss industry that provides full support of all aspects of wellness. Medically supervised and meticulously managed with weekly follow up and adjustments, our ultimate success diet is tailored to your unique metabolic needs. Learn More

Blissful Ketosis Diet

The Blissful Ketosis Diet is our version of the ketogenic modified by Dr. Blissenbach for our medical monitoring. This diet involves reducing carbohydrates and replacing them with fat. The reduction of carbs puts the body into ketosis, which is the body using fat for energy instead of carbs. The body burns fat more efficiently than carbs, which helps boost metabolism and supply energy. Dr. Blissenbach has researched this diet and how to make it most efficient.

Other diet plans we offer:
To learn more about them call us at (904) 208-4040

Diets for Diabetics


Vegetarian/Vegan Diet

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary due to genetic or environmental factors. Results also vary based on age and compliance with diet but typical results are 15 to 30 pounds of weight loss per month for women and men respectively

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