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Because the modern day pharmaceutical industry has made most medications available in convenient once-a-day pills, it has left the public who are trying to achieve a balanced, healthy diet with the misconception that they can also get all of the vitamins they need in a convenient one-a-day multi vitamin, and even better; in a “new smaller one-a-day multi vitamin”.

This could not be farther from the truth. The best multi vitamins cannot be one-a-day multi vitamins.

The reason? How can you put all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you needed into one small pill? You can’t because there’s a limit to how much you can put in one pill before it gets as big as a soccer ball. For this reason, a one-a-day tablet or capsule may not completely supplement a balanced, healthy diet, as it simply cannot possibly contain everything needed in a multi vitamin at sufficient quantities.

This means that supplements of a higher quality (GMP certified supplements) will actually be bigger pills, and will require you to swallow more than one pill per day in order to receive the adequate amounts of the nutrients and the full benefits.

*** So if you see a brand of multi vitamins that claims to be the best multi vitamin but are the one-a-day type, you know to stay clear of them.

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