Sloppy Joe Haystack

Sloppy Joe Haystack

Sloppy joes are one of those foods that many weight-conscious folks avoid due to the high sugar content in many mixes, as well as the high-carb count in refined wheat buns. This week, we’ve redesigned the sloppy joe so that anyone can enjoy them without worrying about their dietary and health goals. This is a super quick and easy meal, which is great if you’re a person on the go. We call it the ‘Sloppy Joe Haystack’, but you can think of it as a high protein version of sloppy joe nachos as well. This is great for a meal or a snack while watching the Super Bowl.



  • Prepare sloppy joe mix as directed
  • Open KAYS chips and pour in a bowl
  • Pour hot prepared sloppy joe on top of chips and then top with your favorite low fat cheese

    Savor the flavor and enjoy!